Pre-School Chat

i was chatting with a good friend today about chat.  There are three questions that on there own seem very innocent and I get that guys wanna know.  They are “trimmed or bare?” “What are you wearing?” and “Wanna have lunch?”  Or any combination thereof.  I was telling my friend that it isn’t the question necessarily that is the problem it’s being asked the question over time by hundreds of guys.  Going into a chat room or yahoo being a woman you have like every guy wanting to chat with you.  Especially if they see a pic and find out your not the elephant man’s sister.  🙂  We like to chat to thats why some of us come to a chat room.  But just a heads up the best chats happen at the junior high level and up not pre-school.  I think often times those questions may get answered on their own anyway.  Focus on giving us an intellectual and fun chat and we tend to be quite entertaining.  Just a thought I hope it helps make sense of why some of us are like thinking “Really?!”  Just a share from a sometimes nice sometimes naughty girls perspective.  Not meant to offend anyone more to like be an ah ha moment.  

16 thoughts on “Pre-School Chat

  1. Oh, you mean question like, how do you feel about certain things? 🙂 There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who are shallow, and those who are deep. Hang onto those deep, meaningful relationships for those are the ones who have the empathy desired.

  2. Shallow and deep…oh the possibilities. nyack nyack nyack….Oh wait, was that pre-school commentary, Angie? LOL

    It’s been a while since I have been to a chatroom. Wondering if I should revive the habit.

  3. Well, I am banned from ldschat for whatever. Still not sure what I did. Since then I kind of just not chatted much. Tried LDS buddies but thats dead most of the time. Work has kept me quite busy both at the office and then traveling some.

  4. Yeah I got an invite to the chatzy thing from a lady in ldschat before the ban (working my mojo, huh?) but I didnt get a chance to go. So we will see.

  5. I was banned a long time ago from ldschat and it had absolutely nothing to do with sex. I made an informed comment in the room relating to a topic of discussion by linking to an article in the deseret news (of all places). One of the moderators didn’t like the information provided and blocked me.

  6. Long, long gone are the days where it was easy to find new people with whom to chat anonymously and with whom one might have something in common. (Especially if you are male.)

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