A few years ago I hooked up with a guy going to school at BYU.  He had played with Sarah and they had a few make out sessions and she gave him head.  So she was very into him because he was fun and young and just really nice.  How I met him was Sarah and I hooked up for lunch and he dropped by.  We then started to chat as well and eventually I went over to his place one day when his roommates were away.  First time was just the normal making out and petting and grinding.  I knew he was a virgin and after some hot chats thought it would be fun to let him dip it.  Just to get the head wet so he would know what it was like. We ended up naked in his bed and he was crazy hard and excited.  I helped him find the hole and he dipped in.  He was pretty excited and wanted to go further.  I was doing my best to encourage him just to move a little so he didn’t go very deep.  I got him to slow down on the thrusting and to just enjoy what we were doing.  I was squeezing him a little bit and had my hand between us making sure he didn’t go deeper.  Kind of stroking him with my hand as well.  I loved it because he had a really big cockhead and it felt soooo good.    He was trying to thrust and I think he was just on pleasure overload because he shot this really powerful load right up me. He was trying to thrust and I pulled away enough that his second and third shots covered me.  It is fun to play with younger guys they are very virile and can get it back up fast but if you only want to go so far virgins are dangerous to play with.  Had to fight pretty hard to keep him under control.  Pleasure seems to override promises.  Anyway was a fun and pleasureable experience but I never hooked up with him again.  Too close of a call for a second chance.  Keith enjoyed the sloppy seconds though.  Was great sex for us.  🙂

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