A Few Likes

I love to hear crickets chirpping, birds singing, cats purring, my kids laughing, I like food.  All kinds of food especially steak, chicken and sushi.  I like Costa Vida, BYU, Matchbox 20, and travel.  I like to sing, work in my garden, kiss, and go to the temple.  I like General Conference weekend and I like hiking.  Hiking and listening to Conference is awesome to.  I like movie popcorn with lots of butter and whoppers.  I like rootbeer floats and cooking and baking.  I like a clean house and I even like to do the cleaning.  I like my husband to take me shopping.  I like sex, I like toys, I like to watch sunrises and sunsets.  I like hot chocolate.  I like being married, I like spending time with friends and family.  I like playing games and flirting.  I like having a massage.  I like being happy.  I like going to concerts.  I love life.  


Much love to everyone but with Spring comes a busy time with yard work.  I love having a garden.  Fun activities with the family.  We love to go hiking.  And finally work, which can be busy from now through early June.  I will slip in a post or two here or there if something exciting happens.  So check in.  Much love to you all.  Hugs and Kisses, Angie 


The Best Sex Toy Ever!  My friend Sarah bought one of these recently and yeah we have been over playing with it.  Needless to say it’s pretty freaking awesome.  Just putting it out there that even though I can enjoy hers I wouldn’t mind having one.  So Keith hint hint!!! Sybian feel free to contact me about a free gift.  I’ll even blog about it and what attachments I like best.  ūüôā  just saying I really would.  www.sybian.com if you want to check this out.  I am quickly becoming addicted.  Some addictions are quite good for you.  One added benefit is your friend can control the speed which is kind of a fun bonus.  This is worth the money if you like to cum.  

Tootsie Sucker

Here is a little fun.  Take one of the Tootsie suckers.  I personally love orange the most but pick your flavor.  The next time you are giving oral use your sucker to tease her pussy.  You can tease the hole lips and clit with the sucker but you will have quite a yummy treat. It is a little sticky but you get flavored pussy.  You can flavor up a cock as well but I love eating another girl this way.  Not that pussy isn’t good anyway but a little sugary taste always makes for fun!  Yum!!! xoxoxo Angie