not sure why but I feel really anxious today.  It has been a fun week with the kids out of school with Spring Break.  I have had several days off and slept in and stayed up late.  Sex almost every day.  I should just be like totally chill and calm.  It’s weird how anxiety hits us.  I don’t know if the ending of Spring Break looming is causing it or that next week may be demanding or that opening my email is stressing me out.  Maybe I should just open my email and spend two hours, knock it out, and be done with it.  Then enjoy my last two days.  Anxiety is definitely a real thing for me some days.   I will be fine and then one day….Boom!  I’ll probably hit essential oils tonight and see if I can knock it out.  Help!  I feel like I’m locked in a room closing in on me.  I know it’s not but the air feels thin.  Maybe I should go running.  Endorphins usually help.  Maybe a snack that I love.  I can’t read because I can’t focus.  A movie could work.  But will I be able to enjoy it?  No I can’t stop thinking of the looming week ahead.  Why is this bothering me?  I can take Monday off to.  I could make it a light day.  I can say no to whatever I want.  Why do I feel trapped?  It makes no sense to me.  Why?  Your smarter than anxiety.  Outwit it.  Your are fine, just ignore it.  Please go away I don’t want you here in my happy place.  This is my life, your not welcome here.  Why do you violate my joy?  Leave me alone!  Anxiety I love myself more.  I will be okay tomorrow.  Everyone has a rough day it’s ok.  Your human.  Don’t tell me it’s ok you don’t understand.  Just a day, it’s almost over.  One day does not ruin a great week.  One hour doesn’t ruin a day.  Lunch was awesome today.  Happy thoughts.  I have sex, food, running, my favorite pillow, and jello.  

3 thoughts on “Anxious

  1. Anxiety & or stress has done a number on me this past year. I’m now drinking smoothies daily, exercising more, watching 12 Monkeys (caught up last week!), and casting the negative to the side. We are smarter than anxiety.

    Favorite pillow you say? I can’t seem to find a replacement & believe you me I’ve tried MANY!

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