I met Jake at one of my events a few years ago.  He was another one of those guys that just makes you melt like Shaun did.   The way they walk, the voice, the eyes.  Blue like ice but his touch was warm and electric.  The girls reading this will know what I am talking about when I say Mr. Irresistible.  I usually do not fool around with anyone from either close to home, I go to church with, or I work with.  But I rarely fool around so that’s kind of not true.  I should say i should not play with guys from those three categories.  I actually have known very well 6 of the 8 I have fooled around with since getting married.  So Jake started flirting with me first time we met.  Because his company was a really good client I was reluctant to do more than a little flirting but he started sending me emails once in awhile and a text here and there.  It took almost 4 years.  I will admit I enjoyed the attention and it was fun seeing him at events.  I would hang out with their group at events and it was just fun.  Some of the text messages would get quite suggestive.  Keith eventually was like why aren’t you doing anything?  I just said its just flirting, neither of us have the guts to do more.  So he made a bet with me that if Jake did. I would go for it, as long as Jake agreed to play by the rules.  The next event we ended up at the hot tub out at the pool.  He had texted and said to join him if I dared.  So we were hanging out talking and he ended up kissing me.  You know one of those moments caution is thrown to the wind.  He apologized and I was like no it’s ok but….lets talk ground rules.  So between several more kisses, a few open mouth, a few with some toungue.  It was 45 minutes of heated negotiaton, but I think I had more leverage stroking him through his suit.  🙂  Anyway we had fun and I’ll finish the story tomorrow.  Sorry gotta pick kids up.  Stay tuned…

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