The Best Sex Toy Ever!  My friend Sarah bought one of these recently and yeah we have been over playing with it.  Needless to say it’s pretty freaking awesome.  Just putting it out there that even though I can enjoy hers I wouldn’t mind having one.  So Keith hint hint!!! Sybian feel free to contact me about a free gift.  I’ll even blog about it and what attachments I like best.  🙂  just saying I really would. if you want to check this out.  I am quickly becoming addicted.  Some addictions are quite good for you.  One added benefit is your friend can control the speed which is kind of a fun bonus.  This is worth the money if you like to cum.  

5 thoughts on “Sybian 

  1. I have heard these are awesome. On a fun note, the wife finally took all 12 inches of the jelly dildo she got for Christmas. And yes she moaned and dirty talked! LOL

  2. That’s a very expensive O. And yes it is a lot of cock. And yet tonight she wants to try me and the 12 incher at the same time.

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