A Few Likes

I love to hear crickets chirpping, birds singing, cats purring, my kids laughing, I like food.  All kinds of food especially steak, chicken and sushi.  I like Costa Vida, BYU, Matchbox 20, and travel.  I like to sing, work in my garden, kiss, and go to the temple.  I like General Conference weekend and I like hiking.  Hiking and listening to Conference is awesome to.  I like movie popcorn with lots of butter and whoppers.  I like rootbeer floats and cooking and baking.  I like a clean house and I even like to do the cleaning.  I like my husband to take me shopping.  I like sex, I like toys, I like to watch sunrises and sunsets.  I like hot chocolate.  I like being married, I like spending time with friends and family.  I like playing games and flirting.  I like having a massage.  I like being happy.  I like going to concerts.  I love life.  

3 thoughts on “A Few Likes

  1. Great post. Fantastic way to switch from like to love at the end (cute and clever) :).

    I’m definitely looking forward to another Summer w/o humidity=very blessed and thankful for that! I may not have that luxury next year, so I’ll make the best of it in 2016.

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