Handjob in the Morning

I love to wake up before Keith and start to tease him.  I’ll sometimes stretch my leg out and test to see if he is hard with my foot.  It’s fun if he is still dead asleep but already has a morning erection.  We have a king size bed and I get 2/3 of it 🙂 so I have to slide over to his side and I’ll carefully so as not to wake him slip my hand into his Jammies.  I love to get my hands on his cock before I wake him.  I’ll squeeze it and tease the head a little before he stirs awake.  I like to get it out of his Jammies if I can.  Love to lightly use my fingers and with a feather touch pull them up over the head.  When he starts to wake up is when I start stroking him more aggressively.  I’ll rub the head against the sheets to.  Like have him stretch the sheet then rub the head up and down.  It seems to be a bit of pleasureable overload so we can’t do that too long but it is fun to see him grasp the sheets or to eventually make me stop.  Cocks are just like super fun to play with.  They have a life of their own and tend to be very responsive to touch.  They even respond when you talk to them lol.  It was a fun morning.  

Checking In

It has been a very busy month.  I have been catching a cold.  Doing everything I can think of to avoid it.  But I think I will crash tomorrow after this event ends.  Will be done tomorrow around 2.  I am looking forward to Summer and a break.  Hugs and Kisses to all!