I am seriously considering getting on the pill.  I am not sure taking a morning after pill is the best way to deal with birth control after a fuck.  I definitely want to do bare sex.  Yes I will play safe and only with those I can trust but a condom isn’t as fun for sure.  Guys really hate it.  I have had too many close calls with dips.  I already know it’s very hard for guys to pull out when they are going to cum.  I would think actual sex is even harder to pull out for a guy.  I know there is an IUD and a patch as well and maybe even more options.  I haven’t been on the pill in 8 years so who knows what else has been invented.  I just really need to get something figured out soon.    How do I even have the conversation with my doctor about birth control he is the one that clipped Keith.  I just think he will know my reasons I give are not the truth as to my real reason.  Who would have guessed Keith getting a vasectomy would come back as an obstacle to play.  Irony.  

6 thoughts on “Question?

  1. You need the man to take care of that. Its quite easy for a guy to get snipped. So, you just need men who are snipped. Then you have no problems.

  2. You could tell your Dr you are tired of periods and you want the pill where you have a period like a few times a year or the Merina IUD. Most of my friends who have it say it takes away their periods.

  3. A friend of mine swears that a little water based lubricant inside a condom feels like the real thing. I only do bareback & only with those I trust. I swear, they need to make a shot for guys=there’d be a lot more orgasms for everybody when that day cums around.

    A guy that “can’t pull out” so close to ejaculation or whines of blue balls, is just a manipulative pussy/asshole. Trust The Mikey.

    My current lady friend is on the iud=coitus uninteruptus baby!

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