Back 2 School

August 19th a Wednesday in 2015 was the day all four of my kids went back to school.  A high schooler, Junior High, and 2 in elementary school.  As you can imagine it has been a very busy Summer with all their interests and family in town most of July.  So what did we do after 2 very busy days of last minute back 2 school shopping and the first day of school….we fucked during the day!  Ha it was our celebration.  Kids gone, PTA stuff taken care of that morning and we got naked and did the naughty in daylight.  It was fun, pleasurable, and yeah I got to make some noise lol.  Anyway I love  back 2 school.  I love my kids but yes school and some free time to do things like fuck in daylight is so precious.  :). 

20th Anniversary Trip

It has been an adventure.  So I’ll give you a quick rundown of all we did.  Keep in mind I did not plan this trip…Keith did.  So he made sure we had a plan but was very flexible.  

We left last Monday morning after having breakfast with the kids.  Our first stop was St. George for lunch.  Went to one of our favorite places Costa Vida.  Drove by the temple to see it then off to Vegas.  First night in Vegas we saw Cirque du Soleil then went exploring.  I was so tired by the time we crawled into bed.  We decided to stay a second night instead of going on to CA right away so I got some time at the spa.  We finally decided on seeing David Copperfield that night.   He was sooooo awesome.  Keith kept saying he didn’t just do that.  It was cute.  We spent a big part of the afternoon at the pool as well.  The Venetian is a beautiful place.  Wednesday after a big breakfast we left for California.  Got in later than expected and had some fun in the room there at the Montage in Laguna.  Thursday we went exploring up the coast a bit.  Had lunch in a local place.  Great burgers can’t remember what it’s called now :(. Friday we ran over to Disneyland for part of the day.  Then relaxed at the resort.  We had a couples massage for 90 minutes.  I did the hot rocks massage.  I swear it was one of the best massages ever.  Saturday we explored down the coast a bit.  Stopped at a few more beaches here and there like before and just had fun.  Enjoyed Pizza and ice cream.  Sunday had a big brunch and headed back.  Got into St George last night and was pretty tired.  Keith went and got Subway which we are in the room then he crashed and I couldn’t fall asleep lol.  So o ended up going for a run.  Today we are doing a little shopping then headed home.  Tonight I get one more surprise before we head home to the family.  Can’t wait!  

So a few highlights.  I got dessert every night of the trip but no jello.  They don’t serve jello outside of Utah I think nor Lemonade.  I had a total of 33 orgasms this past week….so far.  Just saying 🙂  Even a few on the road while we were driving.  Gave head to Keith twice while he was driving.  Bought 4 t-shirts lol.  Yes we did buy gifts for the kids at Disneyland.  We saw 2 live bands that were very good.  I got to dance with a few guys.  All in all a pretty great trip!  Thank you!!!!

Off to see the Wizard

Last night my friend Sarah and I took our older kids out for a night on the town.  We went to dinner and then we went to Sundance and saw The Wizard of Oz in the amphitheater.  It is such a fun place to see a at or musical.  Dressed warm and with some of my favorite people we had a great time.  After the play we stopped for a treat, took kids home, and Sarah and I had a little adult time in the car.  That was also a great time!  I honestly love to fool around in a car.  It just is so fun to find a place to park and the thrill of it all.  She tasted amazing and OMG she made me cum several times.  She definitely knows how to use her fingers.  

Nude Pic

Okay I walked on the wild side.  I shared a nude pic of my breasts in the Mormon Confess Chatzy Contest or guessing game.  I think that’s what it was.  I am so happy my friend Di saved me from totally embarrassing myself.  I have never shared a naked pic except with Keith.  So I sent in my pic and then I got really anxious about it.  You know like total OMG what did I do?  I messaged Di and she was like I cropped the pic for you.  So whew I didn’t fall into a panic attack.  I did this for three reasons.  First I wanted to support my friend and be a team player.  So I exposed for the team!  Second I wanted to do something I was very uncomfortable with.  You grow the most outside your comfort zone right?  Finally I figured most people wouldn’t know it’s me anyway and I was right.  So it was cool to be daring.  I also was reminded when you do something stupid true friends have your back or in this case breasts and finally I know that I’m still not comfortable sharing nude pics and that’s ok.  It was fun spreading my wings for a cause.