Off to see the Wizard

Last night my friend Sarah and I took our older kids out for a night on the town.  We went to dinner and then we went to Sundance and saw The Wizard of Oz in the amphitheater.  It is such a fun place to see a at or musical.  Dressed warm and with some of my favorite people we had a great time.  After the play we stopped for a treat, took kids home, and Sarah and I had a little adult time in the car.  That was also a great time!  I honestly love to fool around in a car.  It just is so fun to find a place to park and the thrill of it all.  She tasted amazing and OMG she made me cum several times.  She definitely knows how to use her fingers.  

3 thoughts on “Off to see the Wizard

  1. there is something just so erotic reading about two adult lds moms exploring each other after taking their kids home from an outing. Was the adult fun planned before or just one of those silent looks, that screams “touch me” please 🙂

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