Have you ever met up somewhere and then proceeded to get hit on by your spouse or boyfriend?  Was he the first to make a move on you?  Did he watch?  Did you try to make him jealous?  Did you make out in public?  We are planning something and curious what your experiences have been.  Just kind of thinking it might be fun. 

Sex Chat

I enjoy chatting.  Online chat usually includes the topic of sex which we all love. I may not cyber but sex chat can sometimes be pretty hot.  I chat with a lot of people.  Most are not regulars as they are looking to hook up or trolling for pics and they quickly lose interest but they all tend to have the same questions.  I get that these questions are relevant and exciting.  It is just hard to answer them hundreds of times.  So in the interest of making things easy here is a new rule.  I won’t talk sex with you unless you have read my blog.  It is a fast read:  I didn’t post everyday and I keep my posts pretty short.  Some only a sentence I two.  Unless you catch yourself masterbating you might read the whole thing in an hour or two.  I understand guys prefer picture books and as you know I didn’t include pics.  But I think you wlll find the blog to be quite stimulating if you take the time.  Start from the beginning.  Like all stories it will make more sense.  I am much more inclined to invest my time in you if you have some background.  Reading the blog does not mean I’m going to talk sex with you or you have some license to go perv on me I’m just more open to answering questions and discussing my past.  As with all things forcing it or making it awkward kind of kills it.  So no need to hit the ground in 5th gear and 120 miles an hour :). Keith recommended that last sentence lol.  Have a good day some fun posts coming.  Almost done.  

Cons of being a girl online

Probably the number one negative of being a girl online is the pervs.  Now I get being sexual and I am sure guys get themselves very excited when they come across a girl that is a little naughty.  But here is the line.  Don’t assume because we are a little naughty it gives you permission to send us dick pics or stroke videos.  Don’t assume that if your horny and going 100 miles an hour in your lust that we are wanting to join you or can even catch up.  I get that when your cock swells your brain hibernates but I for one refuse to be used.  You drop that crap on me and I’ll kick you to the block list faster than you can cum.  We are not a damn light switch you can turn on when your in the mood.  So to the guy that sent me a stroke video of himself last night welcome to the block list.  Not saying I don’t enjoy seeing a cock but I prefer being asked first and I definitely prefer guys that I find attractive.  Double negative when not given the option.