I know many of you discover my blog and with over 200 posts now read through it and think OMG she is a nympho.  Here is the reality.  These experiences don’t happen daily.  I have only fooled around with 9 guys in 20 years of marriage.  Two of the guys are husbands of my best friends so the reality is I don’t fool around with someone new very often.  I do spend the vast majority of my time doing regular things and not thinking about sex.  I am not horny or wet 24/7.  I have actually gone several minutes without thinking about sex.  I don’t sit around the house all day naked.  I am sure this cums as a shock to some of you and I may have shattered your illusion.  I’m sorry to say I have had some extraordinary sexual experiences of which I love but I’m just a regular girl.  I like regular things.  What I think about is getting my kids to school, an upcoming event, will I have time to get my run in today, what will I make for dinner, is Keith happy.  My hopes are BYU will win this weekend, maybe I can sleep in a half hour, Keith may take us out to dinner, let’s go on a trip.  Not sure you noticed but no where did I mention anything sexual in my normal thoughts and hopes.  Sex is just not on the brain.  Not to say I don’t love it, I totally love an orgasm and am lucky to enjoy them several times a week but they cum as they cum.  I don’t exactly have to work too hard for them.  So maybe a little reality may help.  I’m actually pretty boring and normal 95% of the time.  I like it that way because too much excitement and life stalls.  


I have an event here in Salt Lake that started yesterday. Overnight events my clients offer a room if I want to stay on site.  Last night Sarah came up for a sleep over.   It has been weeks since I have had some fun like that.  Meaning several orgasms and sleeping naked.  Sarah got here a little after 9 and after some apple pie, milk, and ice cream from room service we broke in the bed.  One of the things I have been wanting to try is fisting.  We have done it with three fingers but never like the whole hand.  I guess we only have done fingering lol.  So we did try it last night.  Got close but I think we were both too scared to actually go for it. But what we did was soooo good.  Love being that horny and feeling stretched.  After a night of kissing, scissoring, oral, and fisting (or a close as we dared)!I can honestly say I am feeling very satisfied today.  I hear there is a trick with the thumb or something you have to do.  Guess maybe we will figure it out.


Some of you that know me probably already suspect this.  A couple months ago I started texting Shaun again and things got hot fast.  Keith was ok with us trying again but not if Shaun wasn’t aware he knew.  Shaun and I got together for lunch and I told him Keith knew everything.  Shaun was pretty ok with it.  Bit surprised and had that OMG look but we had a good talk and he liked the possibilities.  🙂  we set up a date a few days later and got a room over at Courtyard Marriot at Thanksgiving Point.  Nice place by the way. Shaun texted Keith and told him we were going to have fun, hope he was ok with it.  If not better let him know.  I guess Keith wasn’t sure what to text back and was surprised to get the text.  No objection we decided to have fun…lots of fun.  He texted Keith to tell him he was in me.  That I really liked it.  He took me missionary like when we dipped.

We spent 7 hours in that room.  Even met him back there at 7 am the next morning for another 2 hours.  After I got home Keith and I went back to the hotel and fucked in the same bed.  It was so hot him taking me there in the same room and bed another guy had taken me in.  I think the visual stimuli from seeing the bed a mess was very hot for him.  Anyway fucking is very different than dipping.  It felt sooooooooo good.  We were all over each other before the door even closed.  I just wasn’t really sure how to share this post because it was such an intimate, pleasurable, and personal experience.  It felt really good to be honest with Shaun and I’m glad the guys are getting along well.  It’s hard to keep secrets it just seems that it gets in everyone’s heads.  Sex can be very intense both in bed and in your mind.  I felt like Shaun had fucked my body, mind, and soul.  Anyway maybe I’ll share a few more of my hook-ups with Shaun now that it’s no longer a sexcret.


I am awake at 5:13 am and it has been thundering and now a down pour of rain.  I love the sound of rain.  So calming and peaceful at times.  Other times frightening when the thunder is close and thunderous coupled with the flash of lightning.  Our lives tend to be a bit like the weather.  We can generally forecast a bit and sometimes we are right.  Weather tends to be very unpredictable, often full of surprises.  I think it is a good thing most days.  Would we really want life to have no challenges or surprises?  I think as long as we aren’t creating problems for ourselves it is in our nature to cope with the unpredictability that comes our way.  Even with the thunder and lightning rain still is calming.  It’s amazing to me as I listen that its influence is greater than that of the thunder.  Thunder roars then fades into the falling rain.  Our lives just like the weather will bring unpredictability, which is truly a gift from above.