I know many of you discover my blog and with over 200 posts now read through it and think OMG she is a nympho.  Here is the reality.  These experiences don’t happen daily.  I have only fooled around with 9 guys in 20 years of marriage.  Two of the guys are husbands of my best friends so the reality is I don’t fool around with someone new very often.  I do spend the vast majority of my time doing regular things and not thinking about sex.  I am not horny or wet 24/7.  I have actually gone several minutes without thinking about sex.  I don’t sit around the house all day naked.  I am sure this cums as a shock to some of you and I may have shattered your illusion.  I’m sorry to say I have had some extraordinary sexual experiences of which I love but I’m just a regular girl.  I like regular things.  What I think about is getting my kids to school, an upcoming event, will I have time to get my run in today, what will I make for dinner, is Keith happy.  My hopes are BYU will win this weekend, maybe I can sleep in a half hour, Keith may take us out to dinner, let’s go on a trip.  Not sure you noticed but no where did I mention anything sexual in my normal thoughts and hopes.  Sex is just not on the brain.  Not to say I don’t love it, I totally love an orgasm and am lucky to enjoy them several times a week but they cum as they cum.  I don’t exactly have to work too hard for them.  So maybe a little reality may help.  I’m actually pretty boring and normal 95% of the time.  I like it that way because too much excitement and life stalls.  

9 thoughts on “Reality

  1. your life sounds interesting, but how do you justify lying about being worthy to go to the temple? What are you going to tell you kids when/if you get ex’ed?

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