Another New Week 

Wow that weekend went fast.  I love Sunday afternoon naps but the downside is in the moments of closing your eyes and waking up the weekend disappeared. I almost wish Sunday came first then you could have a full Saturday before going to Monday lol.  Just a thought, it probably wouldn’t work.  I am excited for this week.  Super Tuesday should be interested.  Starting to work on 3 March events for work.  The NCAA basketball tourney.  It’s just an awesome time for all great things.  Might even have good weather to start working on the yard.  The best thing today was taking the young women to the Provo Dowbtown Tenple.  Loved the special tour for our girls.  I am excited for this week and for March.  Have a great week!  


Went on a girls trip with Mandy and Sarah to San Diego.  Not quite as warm as I had hoped.  Arrived Sunday afternoon and spent some time at the pool and had a great dinner and then virgin drinks by the fire.  Went to the room and had as much fun as 3 naked girls can have in a king size bed :). Monday we got up at 8, enjoyed the breakfast buffet then wanted to hit the beach, but it was too cold, so went for a 5 mile run instead.  We decided to do the spa Monday after lunch and all I can say is wow wow wow.  The massage was for 90 minutes and honestly the best I have ever had.  My legs were wobbly lol.  On a side note let me tell you about the suite.  It had living room with a great balcony with seating.  There bedroom had this bed that was so soft and the sheets…OMG it was fun!  The bathroom suite had A huge steam shower and the tub easily fit us all.  It was very cool.  Anyway on with the story.  Monday night we did a little shopping after dinner and another night in our soft bed.  Tuesday another run, buffet, and the beach finally.  It was mid 70s and very nice.  I just love laying out on the sand listening to the ocean.  Not something you can do in Utah.  Pretty easy night on Tuesday.  Just relaxed and more virgin drinks and the hot tub.  The bartender was making us all sorts of tasty concoctions but they were alcohol free.  I can’t even remember the names.  Wednesday flew home then worked to get ready for my second event of the season.  Not as big as last week so it has felt easy.  Anyway I love a girls getaway it was nice.  I will say this…very few things better than having both your nipples sucked at the same time.  Mmmmmm!


I have had some very deep conversations with many friends both online and offline in the past several months.  I’ll start with Christianity in general.  I think as a people we don’t even know the God we worship.  If we did we would be more kind and giving.  We would certainly focus our time and energy differently.  I think we would solve hunger, poverty, and bullying.  Can you imagine a society that actually emphasized the well being of neighbors and strangers to be as important as their own?  As I have studied the life of Christ it seems to me his teachings were perhaps more about putting others first.  Why do we miss that?  

As to Mormonism.  Has their ever lived a more enlightened people in the history of the world?  We have temples within reach of nearly everyone and more being built every month.  The church is making an impact for people’s well being all around the globe.  Not just their spiritual well being but their other needs as well.  What the church is doing to improve health and living conditions is staggering.  We truly are a beacon to the world.  Why then are so many members suffering shame, guilt, anger and pain?  Why are so many leaving the church or falling inactive?  Why are so many kids committing suicide?  Satan is a masterful strategist.  We are not perfect, we all fall short, we all sin.  If it were not for the Atonement we all would be lost.  Satan wants us to believe we will never be good enough, we can’t be forgiven, why try, your not welcome here.  He often uses other people, especially the self righteous to do his dirty work.  Does this sound and feel familiar?  

I guess what I’m trying to say is you are loved.  You have value.  We need to find it in ourselves to be better.  Pursue the things that make us better.  Find empathy in our hearts.  Serve others.  Put off the natural man by being kind, patient, gentle, compassionate.  Give.  Give.  Give.  Have faith and hope and teach those things to your children.  As you grow repent of the things you are ready to repent of.  If your not ready don’t repent.  In our culture we have the fullness of truth but lack the wisdom to use it.  We miss the mark just like a monkey trying to use a compass.  God already provided a Savior for us and we will repent.  Our problem is our hearts.  Change the hearts of men and the world changes.  With neither faith nor hope there is no Charity.  Where charity fails we have Christianity and Mormonism that is hollow and dead.  They cannot save us simply by membership and a recommend.  Change the world by worrying less about yourself and more about everyone else.  I know I am far from perfect, but I know kindness.  I believe God values some things more than others and pretending your sins for some reason are less damning than someone elses  is simply well crafted stupidity.  Sin may damn us but Charity will elevate us and bring more change to our lives than anything we can do.  It will free you from shame and when you are ready it will free you from sin.  The most temple worthy person in the world that lacks Charity will find his ladder falls short.  Worthy is so subjective because it’s a minimal checklist of rules yet misses the character so often.  Change your world by changing your heart.  If your unhappy a big reason may be others have screwed with your expectations of yourself.  The great and spacious building is an illusion of happiness and it is filled with those professing Christ but whose hearts are far from him. 

In conclusion Christ had more hope for the sinner and the cast out than he ever did for the hypocrite.  Don’t give up, you are loved.  If you feel screwed up you will find empowerment and light simply by being kind. 

Secret to Happy

At the end of the day what really makes us happy is being with those who make us smile and laugh.  You know you have found true love when after 20 years he walks in the room and you can’t help but smile and you laugh freely.  Laughter is truly the best medicine.  


Just completed a threefer tonight.  What is a threefer?  It’s a handjob, oral, and fuck all in the same day.  In any order.  So had oral at 5 am, then sex after church and tonight I gave him a handjob.  He is happily asleep lol.  It’s been a fun weekend.  This week won’t be too bad.  First event of the season starts Thursday.