Shame Bait

What is it you ask?  It’s anything men give us we can use against you or for you or us or the family or to whatever benefit we see fit.  It isn’t always a bad thing and need not be a bad thing.  In fact women that use it too often for selfish gain tend to hurt the relationship.  It’s kind of like a super power but you have to use it wisely or it works against you.  Shame Bait is basically all the stupid things guys do that give us the upper hand.  Here is the secret….we don’t mind too much because most of the dumb things you do are not like icebergs that sink ships.  They sure give us the ability of influence in the relationship.  For example screw ups earn dinner out, flowers, jewelry, vacations, clothes, even help in the kitchen.  Some of these things benefit you men as well.  Happy wife happy life right?  I tend to use the Shame Bait in ways that benefit both of us.  I see investing in the relationship to be the only way not to go manipulative.  So a weekend away, a vacation, dinner out, play, things like that.  So definitely something to consider.  Remember ultimate power must be used responsibly.

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