Sneaking in

Sometimes you just really really want to have fun.  I was super horny earlier this week and was trying to talk Mandy or Sara into some play.  Everyone is busy with school ending and all.  Finally Sara was like ok you can come over, I’ll sneak you in.  Her husband is out of town and well I guess I’m tempting enough when I really want to be.  She was trying to play coy and cool about it but I know her.  So I went over at midnight, she snuck me in through their bedroom door, and we did unmentionables for the next 3 hours.  I thought I was going to have to do the work :). She is awesome and no still too nervous to go for the fist.  So lame.  Just so nervous it will get stuck and we will have to call 911.  That would be bad.  Anyway I enjoyed my midnight adventure and even got to take a nap the next morning before family arrived for graduation.  

Daily Hot Pics

I started something new on Angie’s List on Kik.  Daily naked pics.  Different pics I have found that I think are particularly sexy and hot.  Not sure if the guys agree with my taste or not but it is fun.  I post these daily pics before 10 pm.  Hope those on my Kik page enjoy them.  ❤️


Next time you go to Megaplex and you want your popcorn, candy, and soda make sure you ask for Jake.  Nice kid that always know what we want.  He treats me like royalty and all my friends.  He remembers my order and when I go up I just say “I’ll have me usual” and guess what?  It’s done!  No explaining, no drama, it’s just done.  He even knows my buttering technique.  Fill popcorn half way, butter heavily salt and shake, then fill to top and repeat.  He knows we like our Junior Mints cold and the Hot Tamales with Sprite!  So so so good.  It’s hard to get really good service and I’m telling you Jake is worth the wait.  Cute and smart.  Management says I shouldn’t play favorites and we cause quite a bit of trouble there because we refuse to be waited on by others so people from behind get ushered ahead of us as we patiently await Jake.  I have suggested to Megaplex management that they simply need to create a Jake line.  It would be more efficient.  But what do I know?  Anyway treat yourself to a Summer Blockbuster and don’t forget to ask for Jake!  

12 Monkeys

Ok I am totally addicted to this new show on Syfy.  It is the best show I have watched since LOST.  Keith and I are watching it together and it has everything.  Army of the 12 Monkeys, Primes, the Traveler, the Witness, the Red Foreat and tall grass.  I am so not exaggerating when I say this is MUST see TV.  I am just like wow.  I even turned to Keith today when this crazy thing happened in how the Witness communicates in the past.  Well I turned to him and was like “no way, fuck me.”  He laughed at me because I was in shock but he wanted to take me up on it.  I said no because it was only like half way through the episode.  This was episode 5 of season 2 so when you get there you will know the fuck me moment.  So what was I saying?  Oh yeah 12 monkeys is sooooo good.  I promise you will like it.  I have several friends that are way into it now.  I tell everyone about it.  I mean everyone!  My hope is that the producers of the show will be so impressed by my efforts I’ll get a guest spot.  It is possible.  I never say never.  I could so play a prime.  Except I would survive because me and a paradox might be a little too much.  Unless it was a season cliff hanger.  I might consider that.  Did I mention paradoxes?  Yes they have those to!  I am not joking when I say this show is amazing.  There is a virus that kills 7 Billion people to.  Don’t forget 12 monkeys.  Season 1 can be found on Hulu, season 2 on Syfy.  

Oh here is a trailer of season 1

and here is the season 2 trailer

No excuses!