Iron Man Civil War

One of my clients wanted to do their retreat in San Diego this year so I spent most of the week in Cali.  Was fun, not quiet the weather I was hoping for but mid 60s low 70s can be nice.  I did get a hot rock massage at the spa!  

Thursday was a theme day for Cinco de Mayo we had Mexican food and music for the day and a piñata filled with candy, cash, and gift cards.  It was awesome when it was cracked and everyone realized there was money on the floor.  Lol.  I would share the video but can’t here, too risky.  Totally fun.  Yesterday I got back to Salt Lake around 4 and Keith took me to dinner.  Ww then went to see Iron Man 4.  I was given tickets for the family.  I loved it.  If you haven’t seen it just sign the accord and join team Iron Man.  Don’t argue just do it.  Tony wants me… I mean he wants you to join.  

After the movie we caught up with Sarah and Todd and had hot chocolate and then had some fun.  They joined Team Angie last night and yeah.  Yada yada yada…a few orgasms later and it’s 2 am.  Todd got 4 inches last night.  I think I was overly aroused.  Tony does that to me.  Sarah took advantage lol.  I’m happy to be home.  I missed my family.  We have a fun day planned.  Hope the weather holds out.  Enjoy your day peeps.  Oh did I mention the Black Panther….mmmmm.  If I ever do a black guy he would be sooooo it!  

2 thoughts on “Iron Man Civil War

  1. Aside from the liberal pussification thematic elements/agenda=that was a badass movie. I hope that your stayed for the second additional scene (complete end of credits).

    Will Chadwick Boseman get more than a dip, in your first encounter?

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