12 Monkeys

Ok I am totally addicted to this new show on Syfy.  It is the best show I have watched since LOST.  Keith and I are watching it together and it has everything.  Army of the 12 Monkeys, Primes, the Traveler, the Witness, the Red Foreat and tall grass.  I am so not exaggerating when I say this is MUST see TV.  I am just like wow.  I even turned to Keith today when this crazy thing happened in how the Witness communicates in the past.  Well I turned to him and was like “no way, fuck me.”  He laughed at me because I was in shock but he wanted to take me up on it.  I said no because it was only like half way through the episode.  This was episode 5 of season 2 so when you get there you will know the fuck me moment.  So what was I saying?  Oh yeah 12 monkeys is sooooo good.  I promise you will like it.  I have several friends that are way into it now.  I tell everyone about it.  I mean everyone!  My hope is that the producers of the show will be so impressed by my efforts I’ll get a guest spot.  It is possible.  I never say never.  I could so play a prime.  Except I would survive because me and a paradox might be a little too much.  Unless it was a season cliff hanger.  I might consider that.  Did I mention paradoxes?  Yes they have those to!  I am not joking when I say this show is amazing.  There is a virus that kills 7 Billion people to.  Don’t forget 12 monkeys.  Season 1 can be found on Hulu, season 2 on Syfy.  

Oh here is a trailer of season 1


and here is the season 2 trailer


No excuses!

7 thoughts on “12 Monkeys

  1. “You’re walking through the Red Forest & the grass is tall.”

    This is a must see, as I’m hooked. I stayed away from the series, as I found the Brice Willis film a little bizarre. This has a great cast, writers, production value and is a series that I endorse.

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