This Moment 

Right now at this moment I’m feeling anxious.  Extremely anxious.  Something happened this morning that could have been much worse.  My kids are safe and enough time has passed since this morning that I realize how lucky those two were.  I think when the anger, shock, surprise wears down and calm returns it will be ok.  Right now it’s like OMG.  I don’t understand why but this whole thing triggered this.  It feels opposite of what I should be feeling.  Even though I’m feeling grateful and blessed the darkness has been chasing me all day.  I have tried to sit down and watch a show on TV and I couldn’t focus.  Tried reading the scriptures and I couldn’t focus.  I don’t even think right now I could make myself have an orgasm.  Didn’t even realize I hadn’t eaten anything all day.  I started a diffuser with some doTERRA essential oils and I think I’m going to go for a run after I eat something.  I don’t want to surrender to this.  I have found myself starting to cry a few times today and I don’t know if they are tears of joy or sadness.  The darkness creates confusion.  I’ll escape it, too many things to not be anxious about.  Maybe just putting it out to the Universe that I want help may be enough.  Maybe 10 miles of running will do it tonight.  Running is a quasi focus type of activity.  Focus and escape at the same time.  I think I need some frankincense along with the other essential oils.  The console is calming.  Can you even be calm when your kids almost died?  Maybe it’s ok to freak out.  I am thinking that trying to be calm is suffocating me.  I really need to eat something before dinner, I don’t think I can wait.  I have oranges, they look good.  I am very grateful.  They are good.  Eff the darkness I’m going to be fine.  

Art of the Flirt

I often joke about this but if you really want to understand the art of flirting watch then watch this video again.  The she giraffe is soooooo good.  Notice how she moves, flips the tail, exposes her neck, gives the boy giraffes a little hope.  She is a master of the flirt.  Friends have termed this mad skill as giraffing which is too funny.  I am considering teaching a flirting course using this material lol.  I wonder if their is any issues of infringement I need to worry about?  Oh in case you did not know.  Today is World Giraffe Day.  So celebrate.  #flirtlikegiraffes ❤️


There is something incredibly erotic in taking a load of cum in you.  Keith has had the snip so no sperm included.  Fooling around and even dips is hot, but to be in the throes of orgasm and to feel the guy tense up and know he just shot it deep in you.  That is just addictive.  Pretty sure I’m safe but no pill this time.  

Weekend Delight the Sequel

Ha you can’t have a weekend without Friday and Saturday nights!  Slept in till around 10 after I ran Shaun back to Walmart at 7.  That was brutal, I could barely keep my eyes open.  Keith and the boys got back around 1.  Ran some errands with Keith then went to dinner with him for Father’s Day to Texas Roadhouse.  Couldn’t really talk out loud about the previous night so what I hadn’t told him we were texting each other at the table until the food came lol.  I didn’t really get to tell him anything Friday night with him away.  Not very good reception.  Was good and bad for different reasons.  Keith dropped me at Walmart to meet Mandy and Shaun then we went to his place.  So no scares Saturday for lover boy!  

Spent quite a bit of time making out and teasing Saturday.  Modeled some cute lingerie.  I brought the double ended dildo.  Shaun loved watching that lol.  Sara had warned Mandy of my seduction so the trick didn’t work to get her nailed.  But she did let Shaun get a couple of inches wet then she put him in me.  Yes I took 3 loads Saturday night.  Father’s Day and all I couldn’t let him pull out.  She did eat me after two of them.  Keith was able to message and watch some of the action via phones.  I think he was pretty worked up.  No complaints but I love his horny voice.  Kind of hypnotic.  Huge turn on for me knowing he is that horny.  Mandy was teasing him saying anything he wanted her to do with Shaun I had to do with Brad.  Once she was on him and had a couple inches in she looked right into the phone and asked Keith if she should fuck Shaun?  OMG it was so hot.  I think Shaun about died he thought he was going to get it all!  So Saturday was not as intimate with Shaun as Friday but the interaction was fun, lots of teasing and temptation and I love turning on Keith.  I very much enjoyed the variety and you have no idea how good Mandy is at eating pussy.  I am very spoiled.  Got a bit more sleep as well I think we were beat.  Came home after family left for church but made it by Young Womens.  Very fun weekend! 

Weekend Delight + 1

It is not always easy to have a play date with Shaun.  Like everyone, he is busy and has a wife and family.  Takes planning and even though Keith is pretty flexible we lead pretty busy lives sometimes to.  But guess what?!   This weekend the stars aligned and everything worked out perfectly.  His wife was away with his kids until Sunday.  Friday night Keith had Fathers and Sons with our three boys and my daughter was away for the night with friends.  So the game plan was Shaun at my house for a sleepover Friday night and Saturday I went to his house for a sleepover.  

I think I scared him pretty bad Friday night.  I didn’t tell him Sara was going to join us.  He has met Mandy before but not Sara.  I met him at Walmart in Cedar Hills around 6, he left his car there and we went back to my place.  We had a couple of hours of catching up to do.  And catching up in your own bed is crazy hot!  Sara arrived around 9, let herself in, was calling for me.  Shaun was like going for the closet!  It was priceless.  You would not believe the relief when she came in the room and was like hmmmm, started without me?  She then gave me a very sensual kiss.  Shaun was easily convinced to come back to the bed.  

Honestly on a sleepover you really need a few people.  It just allows everyone to stay aroused and doesn’t slow down much.  I get that guys need a little recharge time but when I get that hot and bothered I can go for hours.  I do think Shaun enjoyed watching almost as much as playing.  Highlight of the night was when Sara was on top grinding on him I was behind her whispering naughty things in her ear, kissing her neck, and lightly stroking her back and sides.  I convinced her to let him dip the head.  I wanted her wetness up in me.  She let me position his cock at her hole and I had my hands on her hips and pulled her back on him.  OMG I love hearing that gasp!  First penetration is the most erotic thing in the world.  I think it’s my fault, but she got a little more than just the head.  Not much though.  Just a little!  Enough to cum on him though lol.  He was nice and wet when I slid down on him.  I love love love wet sex!  It was a very good night.  Sara doesn’t accept responsibility for the dip.  I have been warned payback could be pleasurable.  ❤️