I was chatting with a friend today and we were discussing chat rooms.  I asked him what he thought of the List and he offered some great feedback.  As a former moderator he definitely has some great insight.  He brought up the fact that there is not a lot of women in the room.  I mentioned there isn’t a lot of women in most rooms.  For what it is worth here is my thoughts.  First, one thing men do not understand is women like to chat in a group setting.  Men for obvious reasons want to get into a PM.  So the ultimate irony is men want more women to chat with but the first chance they get a girl alone they take it.  This creates a scarcity of girls.  Simple supply and demand sexanomics.  High demand, low supply.  Second off is no guys want to invite their girl contacts to any room. The scarcity mentality of I have my girls I chat with and I don’t want to expose them to other guys.  I’ll try and debunk a few of these paradigms.  

First off we really like to chat with guys in the main room.  (Second time I have mentioned this in this post.  It’s important and true.)  If you want to build trust and PM more become active in the main room and your PMs will become plentiful.  We are not overly excited to chat with the lurkers.  Second invite girls.  Girls like active rooms because of the first reason.  (Third mention.  It must be important.). More active + inviting girls = more fun for everyone.  Third don’t worry about hooking up or getting off.  Have fun just for the sake of fun.  You may find that creating a great place to chat will make all your dreams come true.  You would not believe how many guys leave the room and I ask them why.  Guess what the response is?  Wasting my time I want to hook up.  Personally I think most will continue to strike out with that attitude.  Sends a pretty powerful message to me of intentions.  I even had one guy say to me we PM anyway so I don’t need the room.  For those that know me I’ll let you guess how available I have made myself to him.  Paradise isn’t made for us, we make paradise.  Same holds true for a little chat room like the List or any other.  Want something great, make it great.  Want more women, invite more women.  Chat, have fun, then you can tell someone this is where you want to be.  I have done my part in creating a fun place, now I need help in making it the place everyone wants to be.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Scarcity 

  1. Life is teaching me, man and woman are different. Hence the conflict when the two meet or chat. Woman like to cuddle before coitus. While men like to cuddle after coitus.


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