6th Hottest

It’s been a standing joke for quite a few years about me being the 6th hottest.  So tonight I will share with you where it came from.  I was a cheerleader all through school.  One away trip, we were being goofy at dinner and started ranking ourselves.  Now mind you I was definitely not the hottest of the group, even on my best days, but I am pretty. Being with hot girls pulls the average way up lol.  Anyway as the pecking order placed me I ended up 6th hottest.  There may have been some chance to that.  As rock, paper, scissors played a big part in the placement of several of us in the top 10 lol.  Oh and the hottest of the cheerleaders got the title “the fugly cheerleader” Fugly = Freaking Ugly for those not in the know.  Good times!  I miss the fun and the games.  We always were laughing about something.  I also was known as “Smiles” as I never could escape mine.  So for those that always insist I’m “at least” top 3 it’s really ok.  I’m flattered but I will always be the 6th hottest.  

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