Peeps Online

I had a very real deep chat this morning with a friend about this very thing.  It inspired me enough to share with you.  

***Warning this is not a sexual post***

Essentially we discussed the various type of chatters that come online.  Here is the main types according to me.  Men you have the lonely,  the flirt, the horny, the manipulator, and the predator.  The lonely may be married, single, or divorced.  I totally get why you are here.  Just don’t play the feel sorry for me card or you will be lonely in chat to.  This group of guys can be really fun.  Best advice to this group is don’t take chat too seriously.  Make friends, enjoy, but (using Jedi hand gesture) there is no relationships here.  The flirt are usually fun and probably the most successful in chat.  They may or may not hook up but they have charisma, energy, and are the the easy ones to chat with.  Advice to this group.  Enjoy.  The horny….aren’t we all?  Seems to be a common denominator among those that like to chat.  This group is always looking for a good time and depending on who you are and your mad powers of persuasion you fall somewhere on the spectrum of OMG he makes me excitable or I’ll back away slowly and hopefully he doesn’t notice.  Yeah don’t be that guy or girl that scares the locals.  Having some hot chat and what not is either tasteful or dirty and there is a line and you can cross it real fast.  Advice to this group.  Getting someone there is the fun don’t force it.  The manipulator is all about him.  There is no us.  He gets his pic he never thanks you because it was his right to have it.  He gets off and is gone.  We do not forget guys like this.  Most manipulators are men.  Sorry guys just few women qualify as such dickheads.  Yes you do give all guys online a bad rep and the decent ones should kick your ass.  Very selfish group of guys and they don’t care about the consequences, it is the thrill of the conquest as this chat thing is a game to them.  Advice to this group.  Fuck you.  Predators are the scary ones as their horny is an addiction and they are looking for their next fix.  They are the ones that stalk you, threaten you, try and get behind your wall.  If you do meet up they may try and take advantage of you. These peeps want to get right to it.  Unlike the manipulators that will play the game to get what they want these guys don’t have time.  If you won’t give them a pic they get pushy and usually resort to being abusive.  They fully embrace the anonymity of the Internet as they enjoy the shadows but expect you to be in the light.  Advice to this group.  Go away!  Wrapping up on the guys.  No one who chats online is truly shy.  If a guy says he is shy it’s a red flag.  He is trying to disarm your creep sense.  Shy comes across as harmless in our psyche.  So don’t ever buy the shy routine he is just trying to connect with you and a perfect way of getting you in a PM because the group thing is awkward lol.  

Women type of chatters include the ignored, the tease, the social, the queens, and the men.  The ignored are lonely and get little attention whether in a relationship or not.  Being ignored may not have a lot to do with them as much as circumstantial.  Divorced single moms make up the biggest part of this group.  They just don’t have a lot of time for much of anything.  Much like the men we all want some acceptance and someone to talk to.  They are honestly probably the most fun.  Advice to this group watch out for manipulators and predators and we love you.  The teases are fun, out going, playful and well we love to group chat.  Probably one of the more outgoing groups of chatters just rarely deliver.  Advice to this group don’t get caught.  The social are here for chat and they love to chat.  PMing is usually not their thing because they are social and you can’t be social in a PM as it is only one person.  That’s no fun.  Whatever!  The social tend to travel in packs and only PM on their terms which is rare. Advice to this group it’s ok to PM once in awhile.  The QUEENS rule the chat airwaves.  We all love the queens for they gave us the gift of chat.  It’s true!  My experience has been the best rooms to chat in are run by the girls.  We tend to keep it real and safe.  Advice to the queens don’t rule with an iron fist.  A good chatter is a gift not a subject.  Finally the last category of women…the men.  Interesting group and plenty of them out their posing.  Advice I really don’t know what to suggest.  I think you actually make the men feel dirty and used and some of them probably deserve it.  

Bonus group the lurkers.  Usually harmless, they just want to be involved and part of something.  Sorry in the List we don’t allow lurkers to stay around long.  It’s not that your a threat it’s that we are an active room and the price of admission is to be involved.  

In the end we are all looking for some good fun, innocent or naughty…a bit of both is my preference.  In a virtual world the best advice I can give to everyone is try to be genuine in a place that tends to reward the fake.  ❤️

8 thoughts on “Peeps Online

  1. I’m thinking it might be best to first meet a person in the flesh, at church, school, work, shopping, etc. That way you have body language to help decided if you want to chat with this person. Then move the chat to online. From there, who knows where it will lead too.

  2. Yea, I’ve got all sorts of, hmm I wonder what category I’m in. I have for sure been in the bad categories, but I’ve been in the other categories as well. It’s just the nature of chatting, sometimes you are soo horny you just feel like you need to get off, and other times you are enjoying the ride a lot.

  3. I agree. I think though what most people especially guys miss is that for us we want to feel safe. There are things intentional or innocently done that can create red flags big time as it should.

  4. Hi Angie,
    I just stumbled across your board today and it is a fun blog and it is intriguing. I’m curious to what chat line you are talking about. Yes, I’m a married mormon and question about my decision of a spouse. Needless to say she put up a big front while dating and I fell for it. Anyways, your blog gave a sense of relief there are others like me and think and want the same. Thanks

    • Oh love her like crazy. You probably didn’t make a mistake just have something different than expected. Still can be very good. You may also be different than expected which is ok to. Thanks for taking time to read the blog. The chat group is on Kik it’s called Angie’s list. You will need the Kik app to chat there. It’s been pretty popular lately so not a lot of open spots but message me on Kik at AngieUtah and I’ll try and get you in

  5. I love it when you pull an Obi Wan & use the Jedi hand gesture!!
    Don’t we all fall into that 3rd category=yes.
    Women can be dickheads?! Who knew!
    Innocent & naughty fun=is there any other worthwhile variety?

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