OMG I love to cum!  I usually can have a couple at a time.  I have heard others say it gets too much for them when they come, but I’m like virtually hanging on for the ride.  It’s almost when that wave of orgasm hits I just embrace it and won’t let go.  The impact is usually the biggest one but I’ll keep the vibe on or Keith knows to keep thrusting because I can get a few more.  It’s like they just continue to crash into me.  It’s like a painful pleasure and boom boom boom and three more.  I have literally passed out from them before.  Give me 5 minutes and I can go again.  I usually need more stimulation than just sex to get to that kind of intensity and to cum, but it is so worth it.  I think one of the things, as there are many, that I enjoy with a girl is you can literally go all day.  Guys wear out, with a girl that’s still wanting more, it’s hours of losing yourself in orgasmic pleasure.  I like both for sure but sometimes it’s just nice to be on a sexual high for hours.  😇

5 thoughts on “Orgasms 

  1. You’ve passed out? Now that’s quite intriguing. I’ve been proposed to & have made women cry & shudder throughout their body, but never pass out… yet. I’m going to give that a try (have that as a goal).

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