Such a tragedy yet again on American soil.  That POS Obama again refuses to call this attack what it is and to assign blame where it belongs.  ISIS owns it but our own President blames it on guns.  Unbelievable.  Clinton who wants to take away the second amendment also blames the guns.  Can the liberal left be any more stupid than they have continually proven to be?  On all fronts and issues not just today.  But as further evidence of why they can continue to get away with this, lets look to Facebook.  Already I see Remember Orlando with the American flag and the gay pride flag blended together.  I mean seriously wtf?  I get that this attack happened in a gay bar, the next one may be in a church, mall, school just like the past attacks have happened at a corporate Christmas party and the Boston Marathon.  We as a people have so segregated ourselves that we have to gayify this attack.  Let’s make it about a hate crime against gays not against Anericans.  People ISIS and all Islamic Terrorists hate Americans in general.  They don’t care if your gay, Christian, white, black, Mexican, democrat, conservative, male or female.  If your American and will not join them, they want you DEAD.  To be so stupid as to continue to segregate yourself as anything but American shows how naive you really are.  Watch Facebook over the next couple of days and watch them politicize this as a hate crime and not an act of terrorism.  Like sheep we continue to be led to the slaughter.  The day is coming that Patriots will finally be pushed too far and the reality of the fight Radical Islam has picked is going to come down as Hell unleashed upon them.  Obama will not be President much longer and I do not believe Hillary will win.  I am so looking forward to a shift back to a reality, not this bizarro world nightmare that we seem stuck in.  

4 thoughts on “Orlando 

  1. They have brought the fight here, but not collectively. They are cowards & REAL AMERICANS will not placate nor cower. Until we stand up & take back this Republic, the pussification of this world will continue to destroy this world.

    I can’t really add to what you’ve have already astutely & eloquently written. We are Americans & it’s time to stop dividing us. Americans were killed, plan and simple.

  2. Question not being ask is, Is this another false flag black operation by the dark side of the U.S. government? The last false operation failed to achieve its objective, more taking away of guns. Will the current operation achieve its goal reducing the number privately own guns?

    As for the ISIS, it is important to know this group was created by both British and American intelligence agency. Hillary stated in public “we the people” fund this group. ISIS leaders work for our intelligence community. They don’t target Americans without approval from the CIA. Since they are claiming they did it. It means our government give them permission.

    Be careful what you read in the government control news.

    • Obviously a hot topic. It’s really disappointing that our current administration refuses to call Islamic terrorism for what it is. Philosophical conversations will rage, about how moderate Muslims should confront the enemy within their ranks. These conversations have been ongoing for decades yet we have more widespread Islamic terrorism now than ever.

      It’s really difficult to watch the liberal members of society continue to deny the root problem. ISIS has openly stated they will infiltrate the refugees ranks as they seek new home countries. And yet the US opens our doors to the refugees. I agree the plight of refugees is tragic. However, that should never trump a country’s national security. We should expect more of these attacks in the future; at least ISIS is being honest about how they will use this refugee opening to attack Western civilizations.

      It’s not too difficult to see what “refugees” have done already in Europe–Germany, Sweden, Denmark, to name a few–harassed women, raped women, beat others, steal, even murder the very aid workers helping them. These refugees have crated large swaths no-go zones in European countries due to the high level of danger/violence/rape/murder.

      When will we wake up to this reality? Islamic terrorism is fundamentally opposed to Western civilization and truly hates what we stand for.

      • Placating to the smallest voice, group or politically correct trend=is bullshit. We need to enforce our sovereignty. Liberal voters are blindly following their “leaders” & this they are continuously re-elected w/o merit. “Republicans” are almost as much to blame, for much of the past 60 years or so.

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