Father’s Day

Is a special holiday.  We make your favorite dinner, you may get a gift and a card but one thing to remember.  This is not my rules it is just the day.  On Father’s Day,  men you don’t have to pull out.  Totally go all the way and deep!  Girls, hopefully you don’t get knocked up unless you want to. Always can use a condom or morning after pill or do it before midnight tonight.  But once the clock strikes 12 for 24 hours forget the coitus interruptus.  I have heard Karma will forever curse him with only semi-hardness and that’s bad especially for us.  So take his cum like a trooper.  Swallow or ride his cock until he goes soft, no matter how long it takes!  Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day to those that didn’t pull out!  Your a daddy.  🙂

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