Open Hour Share

Saturday nights in the List have become quite the sharing time.  Congrats to Snow for beating out some stiff competition and being the first back to back winner.  She owns all bragging rights for having the best pic.  Some great submissions by all.  Thank you to those that stay up late on Saturdays to chat and share.  I have an idea for Wednesday nights I’ll present to the List soon.  I loved tonight’s pic because there is nothing better than being the center of sexual attention by several friends.  It doesn’t get any more pleasurable.  Here is the winning pic and my Angiefied version as well.  ❤️

July 2015

July for several years has been the heart of our Summers.  So much to do and only 31 days.  Never ever enough time.  With family leaving today to head home here is a recap of why July is so great!  What we did…the List

  • Visited Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, and Park City and Bear Lake in Utah
  • Laser Tag
  • Star Trek Beyond
  • Hikes including the Y
  • Razors up in the mountains
  • Jet skis
  • Paddle Board and yes I stood up.  ❤️’d it!
  • Kayaking
  • Games sooooo many late nights and afternoons of games 
  • James Bond Spectre
  • Sold a house
  • Bought a condo
  • Bought a house
  • Condo warming party
  • Sex
  • Set up a condo 
  • Birthday party 
  • Ate soooo much food
  • Swimming pool multiple times
  • Family pictures twice 
  • Slept in, stayed up late, didn’t sleep at all
  • Played more games
  • Had more sex, almost got caught lol
  • Made new friends 
  • Got a refill of hot chocolate!  Thanks Steve
  • Shopped downtown Park City
  • Ate lots of Ice Cream
  • Went to the Temple 4x
  • Dessert at the Chocolate
  • Watched some of the GOP Convention

Still to do before end of month

  • Girls Camp starts tomorrow
  • Jason Bourne
  • Star Trek Beyond again
  • Start packing 
  • Group party with friends
  • Being released from YWs next Sunday
  • More sex when I get home 
  • Sons mission call is coming Yay!!!

It has been very busy but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  We have had the most amazing Summer!  Feeling tired and blessed.  Keith and I were laughing when we woke up today.  Was like did we just sleep most of the day!  Was awesome!   ❤️


Lately the news, social media,  politicians and about everyone has something to say about terrorism.  Seems like a weekly occurance now.  The politicians have agendas.  People enjoy coloring their profile pics on Facebook.  For what, I will never fully comprehend as it does nothing.  I guess it feels good to say look at me I care.  Not making a difference but I care!  Media reports the news from the liberal agenda and picks the stories that fit that agenda.  Which brings me to this thought.  Let me preface this by saying my heart is breaking for those families suffering from the tragedies of these cruel and hateful crimes.  I can only imagine the pain and grief they must be going through losing loved ones to this hate.  So if my comments seem cold I apologize, but I have not heard anyone talking about this.  What is happening in Europe specifically and happening in America as well is a direct result of the consequences of a failed immigration policy and failure in dealing with terrorism.  Why the heck are we surprised this is happening?  When are we going to say enough is enough and quit empowering an enemy that wants us dead?  I am not advocating hate crimes against innocent people because they are Muslim.  I am however suggesting we better figure out a better way before it’s too late.  One idea is send these men back to their homelands to fight these terrorists.  I would not allow a single Muslim male into this country that isn’t willing to fight for his own.  I would begin to hunt these terrorists down like animals and if proven guilty execute them.  Put the reality of fear back in them.  Hasten their departure to the promised land and their 72 virgins.  Test their faith.  The irony of social media is evidence of really where we are as a people.  We see many color their pics and profiles with the rainbow and flags and blue for those victims we do not know.  Often I think it is mostly for show than any real outrage.  It’s easy to be a social advocate and protest from Facebook.  Our enemies watch us and become more emboldened because we are soft, weak, and just like our social profiles will continue to do nothing.  We do not even hold our leaders accountable.  Our enemies see this.  We don’t have the stomach to fight anymore.  We don’t have the attention to remember much past tomorrow as there is a new Pokeman to capture or a new color scheme for our profile pic and most disturbing of all,  these same people are concerned and fighting the war for the mentally instable to use the bathroom of their choice and let’s not forget the greatest threat in the world, global warming.  If I were a Radical Islamist I would be celebrating America’s apathy and recruiting like crazy because America has become a den of pussies.  The day is coming that the Patriots are going to fight back and it is going to be an ass whopping of biblical proportions.  


I love this new app!  Have been playing with it constantly since downloading it.  It has cool effects and you can do all sorts of fun things with it.  I could seriously have some naughty fun with this lol.  Well without it to but yeah.  😇

Birthday 4.0

Today was the day.  I would like to say I turned 29 today.  Did not happen.  I have however had a spiritually sexual day lol.  What you say?  I will not tell all….but here are a few highlights.  My adventure started last night.  Keith took me to dinner with some friends to Texas Roadhouse.  I had the filet with shrimp.  Was sooooo good.  We finished up at the Chocolate for dessert.  One of my favorite places on Earth.  Side note here….if you haven’t had their hot chocolate you must try it.  Finished up with a date and enjoyed some fun in the back seat of the car.  

This morning we got up early.  Had breakfast at Kneaders, i had the all you can eat French toast, a side of sausage, hot chocolate and OJ.  We then started at the Mount Timpanogos Temple for initiatory work, next up off to the Provo Town Center Temple for an endowment session.  Thank you to Keith for being so good to run Sara, Mandy and I around all day.  We had a blast!

Tucanos was our lunch destination!  They were so excited to see me.  I got the first slices off a fresh pineapple.  Made me very happy.  I also had like 5 flavors of Brazilian Lemonade.  I love that stuff.  Keith surprised me with a cake.  I have no idea how because he was with us the whole time.  But like magic the cake was there and it was yummy!  

Next up we went south to the Payson Temple to do sealings.  I think Keith was excited to do sealings with all of us.  He would probably love the whole plural marriage thing if he could do it.  Someone had told me about doing a Temple day like this and I will admit it was fun.  We ate well and I got to hang out with my best friends and visit three Temples In a day.  

After we left Payson we went up to Thanksgiving Point and met Shaun for some fun.  I guess you could say it was a Naughty and Nice Birthday.  Ansolutely the best so far.  I did take a load tonight and Keith did get sloppy seconds.  It was a very fun couple of hours.  Very, very.  Shaun left a little after 7,  we went and had dinner at Dickies BBQ.  Todd and Brad joined us and then back to the hotel for more fun.  This is just between us so don’t tell, but I had 5 different guys dip or fuck me in the last 24 hours.  It was awesome!  I’m a little tired and tomorrow will be a busy day heading up to Idaho Falls but thank you Keith for an amazing Birthday!  I loved every minute of the past 24 hours.  The nice and the naughty!  xoxoxo to all that made it special.