Willy Wonka

Gene Wilder I will always be grateful to you for opening my mind to possibilities.  The movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had a profound impact on me as a young girl.  I will never forget, nor stop dreaming.  RIP and may the Universe be your playground.  Imagination

Utah Raiders

It’s official!  Utah is getting its own NFL franchise.  Now some of you will say wait Angie, Las Vegas is not part of Utah.  Las Vegas is very much Southern Utah.  So we will claim them and it will be amazing.  I am truly excited.  I don’t think I have been this excited in awhile.  I mean I don’t even like the NFL.  This however is very big news and something I couldn’t pass up.  I spent the day confirming the story.  SportsCenter was pretty convincing.  Keith told me it had been in the works for awhile.  I found this cool video on the new stadium.  Las Vegas Raiders Stadium  I know, it’s insanely cool!  Keith said we would go to every Monday Night Football game.  It would be like a Super Date!  I got online and ordered a bunch of stuff.  I found Raiders cups, beanies, scarves, hats, jerseys, tees and sweatshirts.  Ordered some for everyone in the family.  Then I realized I hadn’t seen hot chocolate mugs so I found those and I also found a dog bowl and water dish.  I probably got carried away but I’m a part of something pretty big now.  Did you know Raider fans are part of Raider Nation?  I’m like the newest member!  I thought it was only a college football thing with Cougar Nation.   I have arrived on the NFL landscape.  Be warned because I’m going to be an awesome fan.  Raider Nation I stand with you!  

Fur Babies

Ok, some of you may know we have a couple of pets.  I have a small dog and a cat.  They get along!  It happens.  When we first got the dog, I swear the cat could have eaten him.  He was like the size of a bird.  He is still small probably weighs 10 pounds.  They are my babies and they love each other and me…I mean us.  The family.  With this move, which can be traumatic to pets, we had to make arrangements.  Keith’s parents live in North Utah County so they agreed to take our little guys.  They took them Monday morning almost two weeks ago before the movers showed up.  We spent a couple of days there with them before we left for Park City, then on up to Idaho.  It was hard to say goodbye as they were confused.  I think animals know when something is going down and they definitely did.  We said our goodbyes.  I told them to be brave and good for their grandparents and off we went.  We called them and face timed twice.  They were excited to hear us.  Not sure they figured the whole phone thing out but they did hear us.  Today my in laws brought up our other car and my fur babies.  I woke up and all day have been excited.  They got here about 3:40.  They were late, but the excitement and reunion was EPIC.  I was a little worried because they have never been on a road trip other than to the vet.  But they pulled up and we were all outside and when our dog saw us….holy cow the crazy was on.  He jumped out the window and hugs and kisses were had by the dozens.  He was crying.  Like weeping and shaking.  He got so many loves from everyone.  I had to get some lavender on him because honestly thought he was going to have a heart attack.  So we got in the house, the dog ran from room to room with the kids and found everything.  The cat was acting aloof, but he made sure he has his groove on and I got kitty kisses and then he went full purr.  I have never heard him purr that loud.  I should have recorded it.  He wouldn’t leave and I fell asleep listening to him.  So family is all reunited and everyone is happy.  We had lots of new treats and toys for them.  The whole spread on the kitchen bar.  The cat inspected everything and gave me his approval.  I got the MEOW, the good one.  It was a great day despite being under the weather.  I missed my fur babies.  ❤️