Summer is always an adventure.  Mine has been a very full one with so many memories.  A new journey is almost upon us.  Is it really almost time?  I think there is a some moments when you pause and think seriously now?!  Are we really doing this?  Grateful the family is all onboard.  Hard to move with a mutiny.  Appreciative for friends that distance doesn’t matter.  Most of all comforted by that still small voice that has brought such peace to our hearts that we are going where we are supposed to be.  You know amid the turbulence of life, calm waters bring peace.  The best treasures are shared.  Joy overflows because we celebrate together.  

2 thoughts on “Excitable 

  1. Glad that there wasn’t any mutiny afoot.

    So elated that the Still Small Voice has affirmed that this is the next stage in your family’s life.

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