Garage/Yard Sale Event

It came, we saw, it was fun!  I spent 2 months marketing this event.  We had quite a few things that we had duplicates of.  Washer & Dryer, TVs, Snowblower, Lawnmower, BBQ, etc.  We don’t keep junk so we had lots of good things.  Some of you may know I am a Corporate Event Planner.  I had giveaways to Kneaders, Megaplex, and the ultimate giveaway tickets to the BYU-Utah Football game.  It made for some fun selling raffle tickets!  Yes we had a raffle.  We had Pizza and Rootbeer floats on Friday for 2 hours.  Spend $5 and get a slice and float.  On Satutday morning we had Krispy Kreme doughnuts and OJ.  Spend $5 and get your doughnut lol.  Each $25 spent got another raffle ticket.  I was so surprised there were people just buying raffle tickets!  What I learned?  When doing a garage/yard sale market to your own peeps and their peeps.  They spend more and don’t haggle as much as strangers.  Second make it an event.  People love energy, who doesn’t love a party?  Give a reason to spend a little money.  Peer pressure is a great thing, lots of the little stuff got snatched up just to get their pizza and doughnuts.  Have plenty of easy purchases.  We had those awesome suckers you can get at Pizza Factory.  Five for $5 dollars.  We sold sooooo many of those lol.  Also set up free delivery.  RC Willey I figured you out!  Thank you to Keith for making it happen.  He was running for extra pizzas, rootbeer, ice cream, doughnuts, OJ and several deliveries.  ❤️!  Without my guy none of this could have happened.  I am totally happy we aren’t hauling all that stuff to Idaho.  I have been offered several gigs to organize neighborhood yard sales.  Thank you but no 😇.  One a decade is enough for me.  I however hope my secrets will make for your own ultimate event.  Tomorrow is the day.  Adventure awaits!  

One thought on “Garage/Yard Sale Event

  1. I always receive such a warm feeling, smile and yes I learn much through your posts. I shall apply what I’ve learned towards future yardsales (although moving is in my top list of sucky things to endure).

    Thank you for the pics ❤!

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