Are you doing that which brings you joy?  Our time which is finite tends to be monopolized by a thousand things that are infinitely less important.  Often time our choices are not good vs bad, it is good vs great, which poses huge problems for most of us.  So much out there is good and we have to learn to choose wisely.  I am continuing to learn this for myself and hoping that I am getting better day by day, week by week and year by year.  A couple of things that I have found that help me.  First, Simplify.  Declutter your life from distractions.  You do not need to be involved in everything nor do you want to be.  The fastest way to declutter your life is narrow the selections.  I call this my rule of 3.  If you can narrow things down to the best 3 things the things become easier to choose.  Always keep in mind it is ok to say no.  Second you need a spiritual side to yourself.  If not your soul will starve.  A spiritual you will fill a void in your life that will bring you balance.  You may ask is there no other way?  No there is no other way.  Humble yourself and find God in your life.  I’m not saying what that has to look like for you, but you will know when the joy finds you.  Third make sure you laugh.  A sense of humor gets you far.  Things don’t seem so serious and we are better prepared for the hard times of life that sometimes take a shot at you.  Just some thoughts as I begin my day and reflect on what brings me joy.  ❤️


I don’t think I have ever been anywhere so beautiful.  Hawaii is definitely everything I ever expected it to be and I have only been here for 3 hours.  Looking forward to a week in Paradise.  Here is my beach.  Keith thank you, a wonderful unexpected surprise. ❤️ 


I keep getting lots of requests for pics and I totally understand the curiosity of what I look like. I would be curious to if I were reading someones blog. Problem is, as you can probably imagine, I have a need for discretion. I am active LDS, attend the temple, have 4 kids, a husband among being active in the community. For those that don’t understand Utah it is very conservative and here in Happy Valley is predominately Mormon. I have a much more open view of LDS doctrine than some I guess and I am sure rationalize my choices to a great degree which I won’t dispute. Keith is going to take some pics of me that I can share that will at least give you an idea of what I look like without being too obvious. We have talked about what they could look like. Sorry guys no revealing pics I don’t do those. But for those that are curious i’ll share some stats so maybe it will give you at least an idea. I am 5’6′ long hair with highlights…like 5 colors worth but I love it. 128 lbs size 4/6. I have very green eyes that everyone loves. 34C which I know matters to everyone. I am thin, athletic, love to run and play volleyball and tennis.

Hand Job

One of the things that really turns me on is giving a guy a hand job.  I am pretty good at it if I do say so myself.  I love to do it while we are facing each other and making out.  Whether it is laying side by side of sitting on the guys lap.  Prefer to be kissing while doing it because of his heavier breathing.  It is just awesome to feel that through an open mouth kiss.  I have this thing I do where I am lightly stroking along the guys shaft with just my finger tips and i’ll kind of spin my wrist as I do it so its not just straigh up the shaft.  Drives a guy wild.  Sometimes i’ll put my hand around it and give stronger strokes but i find the feathery touches and strokes seem to drive the guy really crazy.  other times i’ll rub the head against my leg or against a sheet.  The pleasure usually is very intense and they can only handle that for a short time.  What absolutely drives me insanely horny is when the guys cock starts to drool cum.  Not like orgasm cum but pre-cum.  When they are so excited and turned on it is just drooling.  Not sure why cum turns me on so much it doesn’t even taste that great but it definitely does.  i think being off the pill and a husband with a vasectomy probably has something to do with it.  Just knowing a guy has sperm in his cum is like OMG hot!  I know this is like crazy silly but the idea of taking a load of cum from another guy is like one of my fantasies.  I wouldn’t want to get knocked up by another guy but the thought of the risk of it is pretty intense.  If the guy did pull out I would want it to be at the last possible second or right when he did cum.  Such an odd thing that something risky is a turn on but I guess thats the way of life in some degree.  Look at Extreme Sports.  I have gone sky diving and yeah it is quite the rush.  On any given day though why jump out of a perfectly good airplane or off a bridge or cliff.  Is it the smartest thing in the world to do?  Definitely not but I think there are adrenaline junkies in the world and we have all experienced it.  I guess the fantasy or tabooness of fooling around, playing with another guy, even taking a chance like that is kind of the same thing.  I do think though there is something just extremely hot in bringing a guy off with your hands.  Not too far but the pleasure for the guy especially with taking it slow is as good as sex.  One bit of advice to women everywhere learn how to give a great hand job.  It is a skill that is so appreciated by the guy or guys in our life.  🙂  Have a great weekend!