Making Memories

As you get older the things we find most precious change.  For many of us, we tend to pursue things that bring us the greatest joy.  What I value most is a good laugh, time spent with family and friends, moments, travel, things that warm my soul.  I had an abundance this past weekend.  Whether it be a game of cards, the opening of a mission call, making of yummies, the eating of those yummies, a road trip, good food, cuddling with best friends, uncontrollable laughter or even a very close BYU game and showing the kids some old school BYU cheers from our days at the Y.  These are the precious moments that we seek after.  I know there will come a day, hopefully many years away, that these memories will fade for me.  However, it is with an absolute confidence that those I created them with will continue the journey of making many more.  It has been our greatest goal in life to pass along the legacy of joy.  Cherish that which matters most and you will never be left wanting.  ❤️


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