I keep getting lots of requests for pics and I totally understand the curiosity of what I look like. I would be curious to if I were reading someones blog. Problem is, as you can probably imagine, I have a need for discretion. I am active LDS, attend the temple, have 4 kids, a husband among being active in the community. For those that don’t understand Utah it is very conservative and here in Happy Valley is predominately Mormon. I have a much more open view of LDS doctrine than some I guess and I am sure rationalize my choices to a great degree which I won’t dispute. Keith is going to take some pics of me that I can share that will at least give you an idea of what I look like without being too obvious. We have talked about what they could look like. Sorry guys no revealing pics I don’t do those. But for those that are curious i’ll share some stats so maybe it will give you at least an idea. I am 5’6′ long hair with highlights…like 5 colors worth but I love it. 128 lbs size 4/6. I have very green eyes that everyone loves. 34C which I know matters to everyone. I am thin, athletic, love to run and play volleyball and tennis.

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