I loved having two weeks off for the Holidays.  We had a wonderful Christmas and we hope to have a very Happy 2014.  I think the ironic thing about vacation is the pain of coming back.  You get away for time to relax and unwind.  Yet when you come back the first couple of days are HELL.  It shouldn’t be that way!  The Universe should allow a slow ease back into the work flow.  Anyway I would like to just slow down and make every day a vacation day.  Maybe that should be my resolution.  All I know and I told Keith this is we need to go on 3 vacations this year.  Disneyland, camping, and either New York or a cruise.  Those are my picks for the year.  Where would you go?

One thought on “Vacation

  1. I love a good Cruise… heck beaches.. tropical water. I want to go to hawaii, cabo and the Caribbean. Also would love to see ruins in south America

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