Swimming with Dolphins

I had one of the most incredible experiences of my life today.  Just put it on the List and trust me, swimming with dolphins is absolutely incredible.  My dolphin was Chip and hubby had Jack.  I laughed so much at them but they seemed to think I was the funny one.  They laughed at me.   They were so charismatic and playful.  Super fast and they liked me better than Keith lol.  I even got a kiss from Jack.  I had to angify my pics but the one kissing me is Jack the one I am swimming with is Chip.  Before we left my new friends and I made a promise.  I said I would bring my kids back this Summer to play.  You should have seen how excited they were.  I think they know the word kids.  It means lots of play!  What majestic creatures.  I feel happier today just because of 45 precious minutes playing with new friends.  Absolutely perfect.  ❤️

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