So very excited for this weekend.  The family is headed back to Utah tomorrow for the BYU vs Mississippi State game.  Keith’s parents will take the kids and meet us at the game.  We are taking our son to get his missionary clothes.  I have an early dinner with Keith and some of my best friends from school.  Can’t wait to see them all.  We were a very tight group while at BYU.  Then it’s off to Lavell Edwards Stadium and we hope victory for the Cougars!  We will head back to Idaho on Saturday evening then begins next week.  My oldest and I will head to Bear Lake for a project then on to Park City for an event I have while he goes and plays.  Keith is taking the other three to Boise on Thursday morning for the BYU vs Boise State game.  They are all excited for that trip with their dad.  They come back Friday, we get home Saturday afternoon.  So next week is divide and conquer and if BYU wins both games we will all be very happy.  Rise and Shout it’s a big game week!  

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