Let me first say I am not a baseball fan.  However, I have many friends that are Chicago Cubs fans.  When they were down 3-1 and facing elimination last week a few of them came to me and asked for help. I’m sort of known as a luck charm and often the team I am cheering for in a big game, accompanied by certain Pagan rituals, ends up winning.  Admittedly it’s not 100%, so I don’t want to imply I can guarantee a win, but it’s like a very high probability especially in a big game.  I guess I just tap into the universes good vibes or something.  Anyway, my friends being superstitious and all asked for help.  I was offered dinner anywhere I wanted if the Cubs won so I accepted.  I did some research and found out abote the Curse.  Crazy Goat Curse and all.  I knew there was so powerful mojo at work here.  So I had to be serious.  So Sunday afternoon I started wearing my favorite socks.  I have worn them every day until early this morning.  I also have been getting up on the opposite side of the bed.  It has been confusing to Keith as I climb over him each morning.  He has thought naughty things but I have told him NO as VICTORY sex is worth the wait :).  Oh and it was.  He scored a honerun last last night.  A grand slam even.  I even bought and have been reppin’ the Cubs colors both on Kik, Facebook and as I have run around.  There are a lot of Cubs fans out there by the way.  They all want to talk to you to.  The insanity!  So I will admit that was a pretty awesome coneback.  I should have asked for more than dinner at Ruth Chris.  I clearly didn’t realize the power of my mojo.  I was happy to help my friends and the Cubs win the World Series.  Last night was certainly one of the craziest most exciting games ever.  #GoCuba #GoatIsDead

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