It has been a difficult week for us.  Despite the joy of having a missionary out the adjustment has been challenging.  I wanted to give myself a few days to reflect and think about what I wanted to share about this experience.  Today I wanted to talk about my appreciation.  It was humbling to have so many people from Utah join us for his farewell.  His former coach, YM leader, our Bishop, some close friends, neighbors and some of his closest friends that are still home.  It was a surprise to him when they showed up.  He wasn’t expecting it.  Took some planning on our part to keep it a surprise but I am glad he was able to share the day with those he loves.  A move a couple of months before leaving is never an easy thing.  He has been a Champ but this was so right.  His talk was incredible.  He picked a topic we have often discussed and I was in awe hearing him speak.  Incredible to see your children become the teacher.  It was a good day.  A celebration mixed with many bouts of tears for this mom.  Grateful for the many hugs and kind words.  ❤️

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