Excellent Adventure

Today has been so fun!  A most excellent adventure for Keith and I.  We got up soooo early to catch our 6:30 am flight to NYC.  We had a couple of hours layover in Denver.  Had time for a good breakfast.  Checked in with the kids.  Keith’s parents arrived about 1 so they were ready for them when they got home.  At 10:30 am we boarded the flight for NYC and I got a nap and chatted some.  Since I was by the window I got to see some beautiful country at times.  We got in to NYC and there was a driver waiting for us.  Our last name was on one of those white boards!  I have never had that experience as a VIP type of thing.  I mean there he was, he saw me recognizing our name and he just instinctively knew it was us.  He was very nice and he helped with my luggage.  Keith stlll had to pull his along.  Did I mention I was reppin’ my BYU tee and jacket?  I felt like everyone was looking at me going hey BYU that is cool!  I was smiling at everyone lol.  I think I embarrassed Keith.  

Anyway we got in the car and headed for the West Village of Manhattan.  We are guests for two days at this 4 story townhome.  It is amazing!  We have a private garden, a private rooftop.  It also is part of this condo tower with a couple of restaurants and a doorman, a gym, a spa, a private theater for special events.  We got the tour you know?!  I don’t know how people have so much money!  It was unbelievable.  Oh i was talking to the doorman.  His name is George and he is from Brooklyn.  Very nice.  I told him I was from Idaho but it was our secret.  He said he would not tell a soul.  We talked about Idaho.  He has never been to Idaho or the mountains of Zion.  I told him he must.  He said he might. I told him he should.  We are now friends and planning a trip.  He wants to come out to see our barn we are going to build.  He said he could be the doorman for my grand opening!  I am like OMG that would be so cool to have a professional doorman.  He said I should.  I said we must.  So yes we are going to make it happen.  George was sooooo awesome!  I have one friend in NYC now.  He was so kind.  He said I was a Ray of Sunshine from the West.  

Next up is dinner.  They are taking us to some steak house here at 8 so we are leaving soon.  They asked what kind of food we wanted and I’m like a really good steak.  They were like no problem.  So I am interested to see if it’s as good as Lombardis in Green Bay.  (It was!) That was the best steak I have ever had.  So I have high expectations as they promised it was one of the best places in Manhattan.  I have been here once and I still think it’s like visiting Coruscant.  So crazy.  I❤️NY!  

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