BYU Day 

We got up crazy early this morning to catch our flight at 6:30 in Boston.  Direct flight to Salt Lake.  Arrived at 10:18. Keith parents had dropped our Tahoe off at the Airport last night so retrieved that and headed to the BYU Football game.  Made it with time to spare.  First half I was thinking did they forget their was a game but no fear.  Half time adjustments and they won big 51-9.  Exciting second half.  Over 200 yards of rushing yards!  I was so excited to see our kids.  Love reunions at BYU games lol ❤️.  We went with friends to Tucanos after the game.  I so want Tucanos in Idaho Falls.  Like really bad.  Had a good conversation about it with the manager tonight.  He agreed that I needed one in Idaho Falls.  We came up with a list why and he said he would relay it along to the owners.  Oh and I had sooooo much grilled pineapple.  Delicious to the taste….very desirable.  It’s becoming a tradition for us.  When in Utah County we eat at Tucanos.  They would do so well in Idaho Falls.  After dinner went to the Marriott Center for the basketball game.  Sara and I visited with some of the girls on the squad.  Big day for them with both a football and basketball game.  They split up to cover.  They started with only 7 of them and the Cougarettes didn’t perform tonight at the basketball game.  By the second half they had 12.  They get to do it again next Saturday.  I don’t think I’ll get to go next week.  Too many family members that will be here for Thanksgiving that don’t get to attend often and only 8 tickets.  It will be fun though.  BYU vs Utah State for football and BYU vs UVU for basketball.  Great rivalry games.  At least not going I don’t have to make the long drive from Bear Lake lol.  Trying to find that silver lining.  It was a good day 😇. Excited for tomorrow to see old friends at church.  

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