I loved today.  We attended our old ward here in Utah today.  Keith drove us by our home we left in August on the way to church.  I am amazed at the wave of emotion that washed over me.  It brought tears of joy and a flood of memories.  We were happy here and loved our home and friends.  The desire to leave was like a call we could not refuse.  It has been absolutely the best decision of our lives but so grateful for our ties here.  My emotions may be closer to the surface because of recently sending our missionary off and seeing our home reminds me of the many nights of entertaining him and his friends.  All the pizza and big screen movie nights in the backyard.  Making dozens of cookies.  Water fights that I may or may not have started.  The laughter.  I so miss his laugh.  I am grateful I have some of those memories at the Homestead in Idaho as well.  I think we had enough time before he left to leave his impression there as well.  So many hugs in church today.  I texted our Bishop and warned him I would be there today.  He said they would endure lol.  So happy for friends.  Perfect love is an incredible blessing to experience.  I may not be the best example but I skipped Relief Society and crashed Young Womens.  Ha it was a little chaotic.  I do not apologize.  😇  If my reunion with my fur babies is half as good as today tonight will be epic.  

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