We left Bear Lake at 5 am yesterday to get to the SLC airport.  Roads and traffic weren’t too bad until we got to the stretch from Ogden to Salt Lake.  Very fortunate we gave ourselves an extra hour.  Caught our flight out at 9:55 and after a 2 1/2 hour stop in Atlanta we were off to Orlando.  Staying at the Hyatt Regency near the airport.  We were tired so after a light dinner hit their gym for a run and a soak in the hot tub.  It was nice just being warm and chillin’ last night 🙂  I slept great because I was exhausted lol.  Today slept in, got ready, had breakfast then went and got our rental car.  It has been a fun day!  Got to go bowling here…

I am not a Gator fan but this was pretty cool!   I had 134 but I lost.  I think the men cheated.  I have proof!!!  It was also kinda fun to see a castle.  

Not every day you get to see something so fracking cool!  Honestly I think this place was every bit as fun as Disneyworld.  They even had secret passages.  After the day of work we headed to Disneyworld.  We are going to do the park tomorrow but wanted to get a little shopping in tonight for the kids.  I can send this stuff out tomorrow so we don’t have to haul it back.  I picked up tees and hoodies, some really cool hot chocolate mugs, a couple fridge magnets, a Mickey Mouse Statue, and a plush blanket.  Oh before I forget I also got some lightsabers!   I know what I’m getting Keith for Christmas now.  He challenged me to a duel tonight.  He wants his @ss kicked I think.  

The restaurants were crowed. Like 2 hour waits.  I have to confess something.  I may have been murmuring a little because I was hungry.  Keith was my hero.  He went up slipped the hostess a bill and asked how quickly we could be seated.  She was like no more than 10 minutes.  We were in within 5.  This may seem cheesy but OMG I am so turned on!  He is going to get soooooo laid tonight.  I love House of Blues.  We need one in Idaho Falls.

Today was a good day.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Some business to get done then play time in the park!  Headed back to Utah on Thursday.  

3 thoughts on “Florida

  1. As I said=vicarious fun!

    Are you two going to get it on in the park? My ex wife & I spent part of our honeymoon at Disneyland & discussed schtupping in the happiest place on Earth=never did it though.

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