Christmas Care Package

Christmas in the MTC.  What do you send your missionary?  His companion?  His district?  I have never done this before.  I definitely didn’t want to do what all the other moms do.  So I pondered.  I spent days thinking what would be truly unique and memorable.  It finally came to me and this is what I did.  I decided on the levels of Christmas for our missionary, his companion, and his district.  I also heard they love dōTERRA and have been using his like crazy.  So our missionary got a Lego Star Wars Bionicle thing, some candy bars, a BYU t-shirt, a new tie, some socks, a framed pic of the family  and letters from everyone.  His companion I sent a tie, a Lego Star Wars Bionicle, the Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint dōTERRA kit and a tube of Deep Blue.  His district each got a tube of deep blue, a wild orange, Christmas lights for the rooms, chips and salsa to feed Zions Army, Oreos in a variety of delicious flavors and a plethora of candy bars.  The crowning gift was a stocking for each of them with their names in gold glitter.  We slipped their doTERRA gifts and some candy canes in each one.  The really good flavored ones!  I love these missionaries because our son has grown to love them.  I hope they each find joy in spending Christmas in the MTC.  I probably over did it.  The box decorating was classic and I’m sure he knew it was me when he saw it.  Had big bold letters like candy canes saying done open till Christmas Day!  I am so excited!  That may be the biggest single care package in MTC history.  But it brought me Joy in doing it.  I just want pics!   

3 thoughts on “Christmas Care Package

  1. Did you have to treasure out a 2nd AND 3rd mortgage to finance this EPIC care package!?! 😂😂😂

    That is so cool=way to go! The only I got whilst a missionary from another missionary’s family was a Polynesian laie at the airport. 😂😂😂

    Christmas at the MTC was fun for me.

  2. The best part of christmas is giving. Knowing the happiness we can give others is priceless. Even is shipping is not.

    I have a feeling the mtc police may have had to open the box as it was so big they worried a girlfriend was trying to sneak herself in through the mail… “100lbs.. human sized box.. hmmm… smells a little like perfume inside..(the wild orange).. we better check this out. ” hopefully they had self control and let the oreos be.

    Either way.. a new urban legend of that missionary mom from idaho has been born. 🙂

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