Can someone please explain to me where the Liberal moral high ground disappeared to?  Trump wins the Presidency and suddenly there is no room for tolerance any longer.  Oh I get it, the tolerance conversations were about us conservatives being tolerant of the liberal agenda being shoved down our throats.  That makes so much more sense.  So now liberals redefine the rules again to more align with their fantasies.  Now the rules are designers won’t make clothing for the First Lady because somehow this may stop Trump from becoming President.  Musicians refuse to perform because once again this may stop Trump from becoming President.  Perhaps networks will refuse to televise the Inauguration because you know if no one sees it Trump may not become President.  The irony is someone will perform and their career will sky rocket and they will sell a bazillion albums.  Some designer will make the First Lady a dress and they will become world renowned and a hugely sought after designer.  Trump will still become President no matter if networks air it or not.  I do have one thing to applaud the liberals about though.  They believe strongly enough in their fantasy that they are willing to pass up fame and fortune for their jacked up paradigms of the world.  Kudos to them for taking a stand!  Here is to egg in the face of the delusional.  Enjoy the video link.  

The Libtards told us so 

Click here ^^^^ worth 5 minutes 🙂

One thought on “Tolerance 

  1. PC & hypocrisy will be thrashed if Trump is allowed to deliver half of what he’s promised. If he runs for reelection=DemoCraps will lose another 1000+ seats before his 8 years are up.

    I love how the Dems took out the filibuster AFTER using the Nuclear Option=they screwed themselves so many times over & now they & the media will only be able to look in the mirror.

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