Relativity of Truth

Today we have a new President.  I keep hearing people say “Trump is not my President.”  This statement illustrates so well the fantasy world that many are living in.  For the last decade more and more people have embraced this concept of the Relativity of Truth.  It is a Doctrine of Intellectualism.  A core belief.  Despite something so clearly untrue like Trump not being your President if you are an American citizen or the idea that you can pretend to be a woman, but you are biologically a man.  The denial of Truth and Truth being what you want it to be is the trend of the day.  Is it that reality has become so miserable that this new escapism is their coping mechanism?  Or have we villified Truth to the point that it’s offensive.  Perhaps both.  We certainly have encouraged the mentally unstable by validating their fantasies.  We have done such a great job in this that normal people are the new freaks.  The really sad thing is the offense taken when you use the term normal.  Let me define normal.  Capable of coping and living in the real world.  The normal have empathy and compassion and values that do not require justification.  What has happened now is the criminally dysfunctional have been emboldened.  Now the Pedophile is like “I’m not such a freak.”  So next week it will be the LBGTQP.  We have got to get out of this stupor as Americans.  The fantasy world doesn’t end well for people.  It leads to shattered hearts, hate, disease, disappointment, victims, etc.  One might say it represents the full embodiment of the Great and Spacious Building spoken of in the Book of Mormon.  We definitely live in a world, at least in my lifetime, with completely opposing ideals and truths.  Finally rioting is not civil protesting.  It is appealing to the carnal man and the hateful.  No matter your position on anything, to destroy property and to hurt another human being for your Truth is the greatest lie of justification ever told. 

A little humor to bring it all home 

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