Sexual Voodoo 

Hubby says I practice it.  I really have no idea what he means by Sexual Voodoo.  I guess maybe my love for sex?  Yes I do love sex and I am not ashamed to admit that.  I had 5 orgasms yesterday by noon before he left.  Two with him and three by myself.  He did enjoy watching.  An Irony I have noticed.  Men talking intellectually about sex is often a contradiction from one thought to another.  Usually ending with an erection and just a cluster of words.  It makes no sense other than I guess men are most happy having sex.  I keep Keith happy.  As his girlfriend and spouse that means a lot to me.  If after 21 years I can still get him excited I think maybe that is this Sexual Voodoo that he thinks is so rare.  Maybe in the days of the Puritans I would have been burned as a Sexual Witch.  Ladies get your Voodoo on and make your men incoherent,  it’s good for both of you.  We certainly are capable of all kinds of naughtiness when we are in the mood.  😇

YW Winter Retreat

Soooo it was an awesome weekend.  We took the YW on a little adventure that included a guest speaker, snowmobiling, snowman ⛄️ making, incredible food, a testimony meeting and an incredible upset of BYU over #1 Gonzaga.  Loved. Every. Minute.  I did call the BYU upset I will say.  You are all welcome.  What a spiritual and adventurous feast for us all.  

Make Out Memories

When I was in high school and college I loved to make out.  It was too risky at home, although a few times we did that to.  The best place was in the car.  The added benefit was you could more easily keep it from going too far as opposed to a couch or bed.  A couple of times in high school we swapped make out partners when out with friends.  Just something really hot kissing and petting with someone new and totally erotic especially hearing the breathing getting deeper and a gasp or two.  The most intense though was when someone cums. I loved the windows steaming up and the smell of arousal.  I made it to marriage with my virginity, but barely.  I still enjoyed a few hot make out swaps while engaged and after marriage.  It was fun to start with someone else then Keith fucking me in the car with friends.  They weren’t having sex yet so I loved the foreplay and the finish.  I considered it education.  I was going to school to become a teacher after all.  The craziest though was a few times there were 3 couples.  The threesome make outs were the absolute best.  Grinding and swapping.  Several sessions went almost all night.  Word to the wise, bring a box of tissues lol.  Happy memories.  Still enjoy some fun in the car when I get a chance.  😇

Busy Living vs Living Busy 

There are two kinds of busy.  Busy Living and Living Busy.  What is the difference. The person living busy tends to be ruled by an imagined or determined set of responsibilities.  They are more in the chasing game of life.  Chasing kids, chasing promotions, chasing recognition.  The busy-ness of this individual is like a badge of honor.  The sacrifice of one self to the alter of busy-mess often comes with success but also great cost.  I am not saying these busy people have failed in the important things.  Many are highly successful and balanced.  Some of the best men and women I know are Champions of Living Busy.  They have succeeded in having a quality life.  However, it tends to be the exception to the rule.  Busy Living on the other hand focuses first on priorities, second on self.  The person Busy Living has the same responsibilities of family, faith and work but values and priorities drive time not time driving priorities.  Is there really that significant a difference?  Yes.  When time controls you it tends to gobble up your life in chunks.  Where does time go?  You are always looking ahead to what’s next.  Maybe that vacation will let you catch some rest.  Busy Living is focusing on now.  Time tends to lose its grasp on the individual that is in the moment.  You have time to laugh, cry, stay up late or get up early.  Our calendars are more flexible and we tend to work off lists rather than hours.  Moments and experiences are how we measure our happiness not in results.  I am sure many wonder how does she find the energy to be so busy.  I have a passion for living and the energy of moments never seems to run low.  We all have a limited amount of time to work with.  Time can be bent to our will and forced to slow down.  Let go of tomorrow or the next thing and fully explore today.  ❤