Okay we made a huge mistake and switched to Sprint last year. After 11 years with AT&T because of a customer service issue they should have helped us with, Keith left them.  So yesterday, after continued problems with Sprint service I have had all I can endure.  I schedule an appointment with Andrew at AT&T for today and at 1 pm we met to negotiate.  After some moments where negotiations almost broke down rhis was what we got.  One free iPhone 7.  I bought a second iPhone 7 and two iPhone 6S and I got three iPad minis 2nd generation for $50 each. Because I have Direct TV he got me a $100 credit on my account and he waived my $20 per line set-up fee. They are also covering the early termination with Sprint and a $150 credit per line.  He even got me an appointment to discuss our PTA with the store manager.  I am glad I didn’t have to do to Verizon.  Just wanted to get the deal done.  I highly recommend Andrew to my Idaho peeps!  

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