Busy Living vs Living Busy 

There are two kinds of busy.  Busy Living and Living Busy.  What is the difference. The person living busy tends to be ruled by an imagined or determined set of responsibilities.  They are more in the chasing game of life.  Chasing kids, chasing promotions, chasing recognition.  The busy-ness of this individual is like a badge of honor.  The sacrifice of one self to the alter of busy-mess often comes with success but also great cost.  I am not saying these busy people have failed in the important things.  Many are highly successful and balanced.  Some of the best men and women I know are Champions of Living Busy.  They have succeeded in having a quality life.  However, it tends to be the exception to the rule.  Busy Living on the other hand focuses first on priorities, second on self.  The person Busy Living has the same responsibilities of family, faith and work but values and priorities drive time not time driving priorities.  Is there really that significant a difference?  Yes.  When time controls you it tends to gobble up your life in chunks.  Where does time go?  You are always looking ahead to what’s next.  Maybe that vacation will let you catch some rest.  Busy Living is focusing on now.  Time tends to lose its grasp on the individual that is in the moment.  You have time to laugh, cry, stay up late or get up early.  Our calendars are more flexible and we tend to work off lists rather than hours.  Moments and experiences are how we measure our happiness not in results.  I am sure many wonder how does she find the energy to be so busy.  I have a passion for living and the energy of moments never seems to run low.  We all have a limited amount of time to work with.  Time can be bent to our will and forced to slow down.  Let go of tomorrow or the next thing and fully explore today.  ❤

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