Sexual Voodoo 

Hubby says I practice it.  I really have no idea what he means by Sexual Voodoo.  I guess maybe my love for sex?  Yes I do love sex and I am not ashamed to admit that.  I had 5 orgasms yesterday by noon before he left.  Two with him and three by myself.  He did enjoy watching.  An Irony I have noticed.  Men talking intellectually about sex is often a contradiction from one thought to another.  Usually ending with an erection and just a cluster of words.  It makes no sense other than I guess men are most happy having sex.  I keep Keith happy.  As his girlfriend and spouse that means a lot to me.  If after 21 years I can still get him excited I think maybe that is this Sexual Voodoo that he thinks is so rare.  Maybe in the days of the Puritans I would have been burned as a Sexual Witch.  Ladies get your Voodoo on and make your men incoherent,  it’s good for both of you.  We certainly are capable of all kinds of naughtiness when we are in the mood.  😇

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