Horny in Idaho

Keith was in Utah since Monday.  I was so excited to have him home.  With the YW Winter Retreat where the Bishopric slept in bunkbeds  I didn’t get any from Keith and then him gone for 3 days.  I was so wanting sex, so so so bad.  We finally got to bed around 10 and I rode the Cock last night.  I rode it slow.  I rode it hard.  I rode it until he couldn’t get it up anymore.  I rode it with the lamp on.  I rode it in the dark.  I even rode it by mobile phone light.  Sex after 3 days, although not a thing I like often, is definitely fun.  Your just all over each other.  I want to get plenty the next few days because I’ll be gone next week Monday through Saturday.  I am wondering when is a good time to wake him up?  What is fair?  I mean do you let a guy sleep in or does he prefer to be woke up?  Faced with a real dilemma. 

Signed Horny and Wanting in Idaho 

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